The History of Kloster Banz

From Monastery to Eduacational Centre

Commanding an extensive view over Franconia, the former Benedictine monastery of Banz rises high above the valley of the River Main. Described as "God's garden on the Upper Main", this splendid landscape around Banz is a truly blessed part of Bavaria.

Kloster Banz

Kloster Banz was built by Leonhard and Johann Dientzenhofer as well as other well-known mastr builders. Today the former Benedictine monastery serves as centre for adult education for the Hanns Seidel Foundation. Furthermore, the famous music festvial "Lieder auf Banz" takes place every year in Kloster Banz.

The most impressive one is the festival and assembly room, the Emperor’s Hall. Here Reinhard depicted episodes from the family history of the founder of the monastery, Countess Alberada von Banz.

Modern conference technology including a rhetoric studio and media centre with a radio and television studio make it possible to fill various educational requirements. Each year about 23.000 guests come to Banz from around the world, and participate in around 600 events. In the Banz Monastery Educational Centre, 12 seminar rooms accommodate from 15 to 200 persons. The largest seminar room can accommodate up to 400 persons when seated in rows.

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